Ordo Basileus is an initiatory organization applying the technology of the New Metaphysics, which consists of the philosophical principles and operational methods of initiatory and transcendental work.


The main tasks are:
- the mobilization and consolidation of forces aimed at the manifestation of the New Metaphysics;
- the assistance in the initiatory realization;
- the transcendence and the exploration of the new modes of being.


- transmitting the genuine philosophy;
- arranging the projects aimed at illumination and education;
- providing the consultative and expert assistance;
- conducting the initiatory works;
- arranging the transcendental practices;
- coordinating the research and experimental work.


General structure:
- the Association is a community of people sharing the philosophy;
- the Collegium is a union of individuals undergoing initiation;
- the Council consists of the subjects capable of transcendence.


Organs and their functions:

- the Association assists the development of the Order by the active involvement of members in the education and training projects, as well as ordinary work. Its members elect the Commission, which is responsible for the mobilization of forces and resources for the organization;
- the Collegium provides the main activities of the Order. Its members elect the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the quality and performs the corresponding administrative functions;
- the Council performs trustee duties and defines the strategic directions for development. Its members elect the administration, which coordinates activities across the organization. The formal and technical support of the administration’s work is provided by the Chancery.


- the Order uses different methods of structural organization depending on the nature of the activities;
- local missions are its administrative units in different countries;
- projects and centers of various kinds (theoretical, practical, cultural etc.) are the specialized units of the organization.


Dates and events:
- the equinoxes and solstices are acknowledged as the official holidays of the Order;
- once a year or more frequently, the Order organizes events in various countries for initiatory work and transcendental practices;
- every other year the Order selects the time and place for the gathering of the Convention in order to present the results of activities, discuss current issues, strengthen the ties and amuse leisure.